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Mindfulness and Meditation

20 years ago when I started my Mindfulness training we were only a few people meeting in distant places, far from the big cities, usually at some kind of small unknown meditation center we did not tell any one about in fear of being ridiculed! Meditation and Mindfulness was a more or less secret ‘sub culture’ at that time.

We were young and I didn’t really know why I was attracted to this disciplin of Mindfulness Training. I think I was in a search for more wholeness or completeness…

And somewhere along the road I found some wholeness – or healing. It comes in doses and I realized that there always seems to be more.

The way I practiced was that I tried to remember being Mindfull all day long, which of course failed just as many times as I tried, and I also used 50 minutes daily to sit down, really trying to be Aware and Mindful, without anything to distract me. After a few years I ‘upgraded’ to 2 x 50 minutes a day and 3 years ago I took it up to 3 x 50 minutes. The purpose was of course to be able to help others which means that I really need to know what I’m talking about!

I can talk a lot about the benefits of Mindfulness and Mindfulness training and I’m more than convinced that it is great in living a healthy life, but all the stuff about physical wellbeing as a result of Mindfulness I will leave to the experts. I will only say that I believe there is a clear connection between Mindfulness and health…

Another thing that I’m much more certain about is, that it is possible to gain a deep insight in the human psyche, what is thought and what is emotion. What is Awareness. And what is even more important: Having a healthy relationship with thoughts and feelings. They used to own me. Blindly. And I didn’t know. One thing that is certain is that having this great relationship with my inner stuff is the most effecient way to handle stress!! Lot of emotions and lot of thoughts EQUALS lot of stress.

It is not your work or your boss that makes you stressful. It is the way you handle it. It is the way you handle all the thoughts and emotions that are stirred up all the time! Get a relationship with your inner life and discover deeper levels of awareness, deeper understanding of who you are and you will get a much more healthy relationship to other people and who knows…

I even heard that kindness is a result of Mindfulness Training… 🙂


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