What Mindfulness and Meditation can do for you

Mindfulness and Meditation

Meditation and mindfulness training has been around for thousands of years and has primarily been practised in monasteries in the eastern cultures. But when China invaded Tibet, monks spread all over the world and they brought a part of the Tibetan culture to western countries. Slowly we began to accept meditation and mindfulness and since 1990 things have really speeded up. Today mindfulness is something you do just as if were another hobby.

What can Mindfulness do for you?

The most important thing mindfulness can do for you is to wake you up! This means, being more and more aware. Aware of what is causing stress, unbalances and eventually diseases. Stress is one of the greatest killers and it is sneaky. You are getting busier over time, more and more stressed without realizing that something is wrong and suddenly one day… Bam! The body says NO! And you get paralyzed. You can’t do a thing and can’t understand your situation and you can’t get back to ‘normal’. Maybe you ruined some friendships or even your marriage on your way and you forgot to be present when your kids or your friends wanted to talk.

Stress and anxiety are primarily mental and emotional states and Mindfulness/Meditation Training can help you find out what is going on in your inner life before things get out of hand. Mindfulness is the tool that makes you aware of what is going on in your mind, and a side effect of knowing your own mind is that it becomes easier to understand and accept other people.

When you know of the thoughts speeding through your brain and the emotions rushing through your body, you are in control.

If you are riding on your thoughts through your mind, from one thought to another, you are not in control. The thoughts are! It is just like traffic on a highway. You are driving 100 mph. like all the others. You are late.

Mindfulness and Meditation

A mind free from thought is like the Sky without clouds.

Why not try sitting in the grass next to the highway looking at the cars. See yourself from a distance. Just watching. Red car. Yellow car. Blue car. Small car. etc… Knowing that you are watching the cars (or your thoughts). Experience presence. Be more awake. Be Aware. Learn new Mindfulness techniques:

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